What is Soft Washing and how is it different
from Pressure Washing?

While most people are familiar with what pressure washing is, soft washing has only become a commonly used term in the industry in the last twenty years, deserving a little explanation. In contrast to pressure washing, where high pressure is used to blast away dirt and organic growth, soft washing utilizes very low pressure in combination with cleaning agents in order to rid surfaces of unsightly stains and slippery organic materials. All Pro Soft Wash utilizes both methods very thoughtfully, as not all surfaces are created equal. High pressure is great to use on surfaces like concrete slabs (including walkways, patios, driveways, etc.). These are good surfaces to clean with high pressure because they are designed to sustain the force that is applied in the cleaning process. However, when it comes to cleaning the exterior of a building structure, high pressure can easily damage many of the softer more delicate surfaces that we often see. A few of these surfaces include vinyl, stucco, foam core siding, roofing shingles/tiles, wood, painted surfaces, amongst many others. These surfaces require a gentler touch in order to maintain the integrity of the material while also cleaning and sanitizing the surfaces. Soft Washing these surfaces helps us avoid unnecessary damage to building materials that could translate into costly early replacement of these building systems.

Our Services


All Pro Soft Wash utilizes a unique package pricing model in order to give our customers the most value from our services. Through years of experience with real estate professionals, we have identified those key services that are most frequently recommended to their clients in order to get a property ready for the market. All Pro Soft Wash has conveniently packaged together these services as bundles in order to service almost any need or budgetary constraint that a client may have. While we are more than happy to provide quotes on an a-la-carte basis, our package pricing models are meant to help our customers eliminate many common service needs all at once. Please see below for our package offerings!

General Exterior

$ 650
  • House soft wash
  • Pressure Washing

Exterior Plus

$ 1000
  • Roof Soft Wash
  • House soft wash
  • Pressure Washing

The Full Exterior

$ 1250
  • Roof Soft Wash
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • House soft wash
  • Pressure Washing
  • Pool Cage and Patio Cleaning

Prices subject to change based on size and current condition of property.

Why Choose Us

All Pro Soft Wash is a fully licensed and insured Florida company.
We pride ourselves on our ability to get the job done right the first time while delivering unparalleled customer service. When choosing a service company to allow in your home it is important to only trust those companies that are professional, on time, courteous, and honest about the scope of work to be completed. All Pro Soft Wash is a company that can fulfill all of those requirements.
We look forward to working with you and your clients and are excited to build a long lasting relationship founded on trust and reliability. Please reach out with any questions about our services and we look forward to serving you!


"I was prepping my home to sell and my realtor recommended I give All Pro Soft Wash a call to get the home ready for photos. WOW, what a difference! Joe did an amazing job making the outside of my home look new again! He washed the roof, the exterior of the house, cleaned the pool cage, and pressure washed all of the driveway and sidewalk areas. Everything looks amazing and smells clean too. Great job Joe. thanks again for making time in your busy schedule to meet my photography deadline. I will definitely be using your services again!"
Ashley Lengyel
"I had the absolute pleasure of having All Pro Soft Wash prepare my house to sell. It is amazing how gross your roof can get over time in Florida. I didn't realize how beautiful my roof really still was. Joe takes a lot of pride in his business, has a great work ethic and outstanding customer service. I highly recommend All Pro Soft Wash in Tampa."
Cheri Coker
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